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news,facts,analysis (Dagestan )
AL-HAQQ Islaamic News and Resources
( the Muslim Directory online )

Ad-Dawa Wal Irshad
Islam Online Qatar. Headed by Dr. Yusuf Qardawi
International Islamic News (OIC)  IINA
Islamic News Network
Islam Vision
Qatar Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs
Iviews  analysis and commentary  ( USA )
Media Monitors Network  
California, USA
Middle East News Online
( Durham, North Carolina )
Moro Jihad  
The Voice of Truth ( Philippine )
Muslim Observer  
News & Information ( Michigan USA )
Jammu and Kashmir

Muslim Views
( South Africa )
Muslim Media International
( London,UK )
Pakistan News and Information
Palestine Chronicle
(established in, USA)
The Milli Gazette
( India )
Ummah News
Independent and non-partisan
Weekly Mirror International
News & Views ( USA ) Kurdish Media
Arab Newspapers and Magazines
Afghan Daily

Chechnya news

Central Asia online
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan





BBC NEWS ( propaganda machine )
World Net Daily Oregon USA ( propaganda machine )
World Watch News And Commentary
( propaganda machine )
AP News News from the Associated Press
News Now Update Every Five Minute( Browse By Region )

-Strategic Forecasting (Private Intelligence Company)
Janes Information -Information on global defence, aerospace and transportation

Debka -Israel-based news and intelligence analysis portal
IndyMedia - News from international grassroots,activist network
NewsMax - News, investigations and commentaries
The Guardian -News and analysis from British newspaper
ITN  -
world news and special reports ( UK )
Working For Change  -progressive
Sky News -UK
China Daily  

EmergencyNet News

Russia Today
-American Broadcasting ( propaganda machine )
CNN -Cable News Network ( propaganda machine )
Yahoo! Reuters
Christian Science Monitor
-Published by a church
-progressive news (Read Chomsky's articles)
CBS News -News and features from CBS network
News View
Minute By Minute
The Nation
-America's oldest ( Since 1865 )
The Progressive -advocating for peace and social justice.
Progressive Review
-Washington's Most Unofficial Source
Common Dreams
-News and Views from Progressive Press

- Conservative news and views
 -Daily breaking news from Time Magazine
-News and commentary ( Israel )propaganda machine
-Australian Broadcasting Corporation
David Duke's Official Web Site


Other Islamic Reliable Resources

Darul-uloom Binoria
Darul-uloom Karachi
Khanqah Imdadia Ashrafia
Jammat ulema of south Africa  
Bahishti zewar  Heavenly Ornaments
Darul Uloom Deoband India 
Fazail -e- sadaqaat
The Haq Chaar Yaar Services
Madrasah in'aamIyyah, Camperdown
Darul Iman (Biographies of Ulama Deoband.) ( Ahlus sunnah portal )
Al-Sidq (Writings of Maulana Thanvi, Mufti Shafi, and others. )  ( Mufti Ebrahim Desai's Q & A Site)
Maktaba Thanvi (Miscellaneous articles and audio links
Jamiat Ulmae Islam  
Mufti Mohammad Saeed Khan Sahib ( Lectures )
Maulana Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi's English Works
JAMIA ASHRAFIA( Read online Books+Listen juma sermons)
SPEECHES OF Hakeem Muhammed Akhtar Saheb  
Mufti Rasheed Ahmed Saheb ( Articles )
Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Movement ( Hong Kong)

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Propaganda Machines

CNN, BBC, WorldNet, WorldWatch, ABC, FOX ,New York Times, and the rest of the Israelis , Amreicans, British propaganda machines have a five point agenda. First, they need to consolidate their ‘media’ power and maintain their franchise as ‘reliable’ and ‘objective’ sources of information. If they think no one has noticed their ethnicity, even as they call for the ethnic profiling of Arab-Americans, they should take a poll. They will not be reassured.

They also need to take back the initiative from the President of the United States, who seems to be suddenly steering an independent course. He might turn out to be an ‘America Firster’, like most Texans. What is absolutely certain is that the lobby wants to bring down the coalition and return to the situation that existed until September 10, when Israel was deemed more important than NATO, Russia and China combined. Third, they are desperate to escalate the war and provoke America into a war with Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria and the Sudan. Some of them want America to also shun Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, Saudi Arabia and bomb El Jazira. Their fourth goal is to bury the Israeli/conflict and allow Sharon to continue his repression in a dark corner, away from the public glare. Finally, they are desperate to retain their control over the narrative of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, lest Americans start asking questions about the history of mass media collaboration with the Israeli government. It is all in their archives and they know the evidence is very incriminating and very Un-American. So, if they can’t tell you the truth, they will flood you with volumes of ‘information’ and ‘expert’ opinion.

Behind these propaganda machine is Iblees (shaytaan) who is Invisible and he is using Freemasons......FREEMASONRY -- TWO ORGANIZATIONS, ONE VISIBLE, THE OTHER INVISIBLE....... Freemasons are using christians !

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